Jeep Compass ticks all of the criteria boxes that our Robbins Motor Co of Newton team members look for in a compact SUV. It's no wonder Compass remains one of the market's most sought after rides. Beyond its power, efficiency and popularity, Compass touts more than 70 advanced safety features. Here are two we really like.

Collision Warning, Active Braking

Compass' ingenious sensors detect objects ahead of you even when you're travelling full speed. It delivers an alert, giving you time to adjust speed or change your trajectory. If you can't react in time, Compass activates full braking, bringing itself to a full stop to avoid a collision.

Adaptive Cruise Control

?Compass' Adaptive Cruise Control augments its own efficiency. This nifty feature helps Compass maintain an optimal following gap between you, vehicles ahead of you and vehicles behind you during busy commutes through Newton. It lets Compass adjust driving speed automatically, stopping and going as needed.

A test drive at our dealership is the best way to experience all that Jeep Compass has to offer. We look forward to meeting you.


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