At Robbins Motor Co of Newton, we know that hauling cargo is a big part of many drivers' days. When efficiency matters, we suggest the Ram 1500. This popular light-duty pickup truck is built for space and convenience, so you can do more every day.

It all starts with space, and the Ram 1500 has plenty. With a cargo bed that can hold up to 61.5 cubic feet of cargo, you can haul everything from boxes to lumber. In fact, the bed is perfectly sized for a standard sheet of plywood. For a bit of extra space, opt for the two RamBox side storage containers.

As you're moving supplies in and out of your truck, the 1500's smart design takes away the hassle. Use the power-assisted tailgate for fast opening and closing. To get closer to the bed, choose the multifunction model with its swinging doors. Check out both options by coming to see us for a test drive in Newton.


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